10/7/2014 06:00 PM Core JavaScript Concepts


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Jeremy Foster

There’s as much excitement around JavaScript these days as there is apprehension! You know the feeling. You remember trying to find DOM elements and do something meaningful with them and that dang JavaScript was failing silently, it wasn’t triggering your alert, and it was causing hours of mumble cursing. Well, JavaScript has grown up a bit since then. Many know enough to get in trouble, but are convicted that it’s high time to learn more.

In this course, we’re going to pass right on over the easy stuff – variables, control structures, and the basic concept of a function, and we’re going to dig right in to what makes JavaScript unique and powerful and show you why it’s just about everywhere! We’ll look at JavaScript environments; the developer tools and console; basic DOM manipulation; object notation; scope, closure, and the modular pattern; and the promise pattern.

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