4/7/2015 06:00 PM Testing the Untestable and Becoming a Debug Wiz with OzCode


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Omer Raviv

Part 1 – Testing the Untestable
Ever had someone tell you your feature is broken, even though all your Unit Tests are green? Has that made you wonder about the ROI on all that time you spent writing the tests? Omer will show you how to write strong "Journey Tests" that thoroughly exercise features end-to-end, without succumbing to writing brittle UI-testing code or rationalizing it away as "too hard". No more relying solely on the "we’ll find out eventually" approach. BDDfy is an excellent open-source library which lets us write beautiful, maintainable, and concise Acceptance Tests in prose-like C# code that reads like plain English. We'll see that and learn about the concept of 'Subcutaneous Testing'.

Part 2 – Becoming a Debugging Wiz with OzCode
Visual Studio hosts a very capable debugger, but many developers are unaware of some of its most powerful features. In this demo-intensive talk we'll take a deep dive into the Visual Studio debugger and into OzCode. OzCode is a Visual Studio extension that can help streamline and enhance the debugging experience, making debugging much simpler and more efficient. Super-useful tips for using the debugger will be given throughout the session.

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